Dodgy Alternator

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Dodgy Alternator

Post by maxfox44 » 26 Feb 2003, 14:04

205 GLD 1769cc. H reg.
I've had the insert peice of the alternator out and it has two curved peices of graphite, I think. The one nearest the belt is about 1/2 inch in length, the second is about a 1/3 of the first one. Should it be like that or has it worn down?
The tapping trick works for a couple of days. Any ideas, can you just get the insert peice? Sorry for the non-tech info. Or do I have to replace the whole unit?
I would appreciate your help.

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Dodgy Alternator

Post by arry_b » 27 Feb 2003, 02:14

The brushes should be about the same length, poerhaps the longer one is partially seized in the holder? Try your local branch of LSUK (formerly Lucas)for parts. They'll sell you the parts cheaply, or fit them for you, not so cheaply as they charge a minimum 1 hours labour (£35 at my local branch). Its probably worth getting the bearings done at the same time if you get them to fit the brushes for you as the bearings are very cheap (about £3 each) and will be covered by their minimum labour charge.

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Dodgy Alternator

Post by jkirkwood » 04 Apr 2003, 17:39

You can replace some alternator brushes and get more life out of the beast, but do be aware that the copper sliprings on the alternator's rotor will have worn as well and the life you get may be limited.
I replaced the brushes on my Espace's alternator and got 2-3 yrs more out of it, but one slipring eventually wore through. The first synptoms were that I got a crackling on the radio that was related to engine speed. That went on for a few weeks, then the battery didn't charge enough to start 'next morning'. Silly me didn't realise, charged the battery, only to have the car die later on the way home in the rain, with the headlights, screenwipe and blower all churning away at full thrutch.
Quick prod with voltmeter showed no charge - so finally, new alternator.