steering vibrating

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steering vibrating

Post by petrolhd306 » 11 Jul 2001, 20:45

Dear All,
My Peugeot 306 is experiencing vibration of the steering at 120KMH (75MPH) and above. Vibration especially pronounced at 120KMH and above. I have already balaced the front wheel but to no avail.
Any inputs much aprreciated.

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steering vibrating

Post by Tel » 12 Jul 2001, 03:08

Get your tracking checked as this could cause the vibration. Are the tyres new? I once had some new tyres fitted to my car and the guy balanced them before they were fitted, but when you drove the car it vibrated like crazy. (Come to think of it I quite enjoyed it. OH ER MISSES) Just because the tyres are new doesn’t say that they are not defective. You can also check your track rod ends and ball joints for play.
(That’s for play, not Foreplay,there I go again…)
Hope you get it sorted. Regards, Tel.

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steering vibrating

Post by edge1009 » 23 Jul 2001, 00:09

You could try checking tyres for small bulges which can be noticed by jacking up each wheel ,looking to the front of the tyre and spinning it by hand.also check for play on track rod ends ,steering rack or ball joints.,and inner track control arm bushes.
A F MacIntyre