Heater fan stays on SOLVED

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Heater fan stays on SOLVED

Post by njnh » 23 Feb 2003, 23:21

Problem was heater fan staying on even when ignition turned off. The ignition switch checked OK, as did the heater relay, but the heater relay was mysteriously energised from somewhere. After 2 days searching the problem turned out to be a wet and corroded connector plug on the <b>radiator fan</b> (mounted at nearside bottom of radiator housing)- nothing to do with the heater fan except a common earth. There was obviously a leakage to earth via the radiator fan plug which was enough to energise the heater fan somehow, even when the ignition was turned off. I discovered the fault in the end because it only happened when the fuse No7 (radiator fan, horns) was in place. Confusing because the heater fan is on a different fuse. <b>My advise to everyone with a 306 is to check this radiator fan connector immediately by unscrewing it and then give it a spray with WD40 or similar!!</b>