Peugeot 309 rear drum barkes

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Peugeot 309 rear drum barkes

Post by topgeezer » 11 Jul 2001, 05:39

This may sound a bit silly but how do I remove the rear drums on a 309 ('93 diesel)?
If I look down the centre I can see a large circlip (which rotates with the drum making me think it might hold the drum on) and a large nut which I assume is for the wheel bearing. I've so far failed to remove the circlip and I don't have a socket big enough for the nut (what size is it?), so which do I remove. I wish to service/adjust the rear brakes and they only just work, the handbrake being useless.
Paul Laidlaw

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Peugeot 309 rear drum barkes

Post by JohnD » 11 Jul 2001, 23:48

Hi Paul - I've never worked on 309 but we have two diesel 205 with rear drum brakes. If they are the same set up on yours, to get the drum off you need to undo the large nut, which to undo requires a hefty tommybar with extension. From memory I think it's a 36mm socket. When the drum comes away it brings the bearings with it so you may need a puller. I use the type which is held by two wheel bolts whilst a central screw is tightened onto the stub axle end. - Cheers!

Chris Peddie
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Peugeot 309 rear drum barkes

Post by Chris Peddie » 12 Jul 2001, 01:42

Hi Paul,
The above is correct as far as I can remember from an '89 309D I had a few years ago. The bearings are effectively mounted in the centre of the drum, and you need to remove the nut to get the drums off.
The handbrake also gave up on that car - the teeth for the self-adjusting mechanism had all broken off, presumably a corrosion problem.
Hope this helps,
Cheers, Chris

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Peugeot 309 rear drum barkes

Post by Tel » 12 Jul 2001, 02:28

Depending on how old / worn the drums are after you have undone the large nut (32mm on a Citroen ZX) you may have to back off the brake shoes to allow you to remove the drum. I believe this can be done by inserting a screwdriver through one of the wheel bolt holes in the drum. Best have a look into one of the holes with a small torch to see where the adjuster is first.
Regards Tel

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Peugeot 309 rear drum barkes

Post by edge1009 » 23 Jul 2001, 00:33

Paul.You remove the nut,which should be renewed each time as you have to pin it in to a groove after you tighten it up yo 215nm (158lb/ then loosen the shoes inside the drum with a screw driver through one of the holes .or slacken off the hand brake cable.A tip to save time if you dont have new nuts is to swap them over once only,and then you should have a new bit of the nut to pin over.
A F MacIntyre