405 electric sunroof

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405 electric sunroof

Post by puc » 07 Feb 2003, 14:58

Havn't used this for a while and its now stuck. It will tilt a little but not slide back. Motor seems fine. I can't see how to get any lubrication in. Can anyone explain the mechanism for these and suggest a repair procedure.
Many thanks

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405 electric sunroof

Post by DLM » 18 Feb 2003, 15:42

Is the sunroof motor accessible? Some citroens have a cover over the motor section which holds an allen key. After disengaging a metal rod the allen key can be inserted into the centre of a spindle and used to operate the mechanism manually - this can prove better at defeating "sunroof cling" than using the electrics.

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405 electric sunroof

Post by Homer » 27 Feb 2003, 09:27

I had a couple of BXs and the sunroofs would always stick in hot weather. I found that pushing forward on the inside front as it tipped down (before sliding back) was usually enough to free it.
BXs and the early Xantias had a panel below the motor (between the sun visors) with a handle stored behind it which could be slotted in the motor. As far as I remember you had to disengage the motor to operate the handle and then had to reset everything to make the motor work again.

alan s
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405 electric sunroof

Post by alan s » 27 Feb 2003, 15:41

Silicone spray along the felt part on the runners as well as on the plastic fittings is the only stuff to use to lube a sunroof with.
Under NO circumstances should grease vaseline or graphite be used on the felt parts as it will both attract dust & moisture as well as create a "chattering" as the contaminents take hold.
Alan S