306 TD what oil to use?

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306 TD what oil to use?

Post by mgoodlad » 04 Feb 2003, 17:30

What oil does everyone recommend? I have a 1996 306 Turbodiesel. I previously had a 1994 106 1.5 diesel serviced by Peugeot until 36,000 miles for the warranty then I did all the servicing myself every 6k up to 90,000 miles when my wife crashed it (no comment). I always used genuine parts oil filters and bought the oil from the dealer - Motaequip (?spelling) at about £13 for 5 litres. Absolutely no problems with the engine.
Bought the 306 at 40k miles and serviced every 6k and just done the 54k service. First two oil changes used the Motaequip stuff from Peugeot - got a bit fed up going there though as its a bit out of the way and you always end up waiting for ages at the parts counter. Was considering alternatives - I have always used Castrol GTX in my old BMW and its quite cheap from Costco so wondering about Castrol GTD. (About £10 for 5 litres) In the end they had none when I went in, The handbook and underbonnet stickers recommend Esso or Total oils. Stopped in an an Esso garage and they had Esso uniflo diesel regular oil - but it was £16 for 4 litres. They also had Esso Semi Synthetic for £22 so though I would give it a try. Thats whats in now and 4 litres turned out to be exactly the right amount.
Another option was Mobil 1 diesel at Costco for £25 (4 litres).
What does everyone else use, and do you think its worth paying more for the fancy stuff??? Any cheaper sources for the Esso oils?
My opinion is as long as you use a quality oil and filter and change regularly you should have no problems. Unless planning to keep the car through its whole natural life (and who does?) probably not worth spending the extra on Semi Sythetic/fully synthetic/Mobil 1 etc......
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Post by citrofia » 04 Feb 2003, 17:52

Total oil is good stuff.
A 5L of Quartz 7000 Diesel SemiSynth (diesels deserve good oil too) should cost about 10-12 pounds.
Failing that Quartz 5000 mineral will probably suffice, if you are doing hot miles and regular servicing.

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Post by Geo » 05 Feb 2003, 03:42

Our 95(M) 405GTX 1.9TD is serviced by a local dealer who uses Castrol Magnatec for Diesels. Interestingly, other car is a Nissan and local dealer for that also uses Magnatec. Must have something going for it.

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Post by arry_b » 05 Feb 2003, 17:22

I have heard from more than one source, that Comma Oils are Esso inside the can. They are available from most factors and are much cheaper. I usually pay 8-10 pounds (retail) for Semi-Synth for the wife's petrol car, it's good stuff.
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Post by kevin » 05 Feb 2003, 18:27

I use Millers XFE synthetic when I can get hold of the oil, this has a good reputation, failing that the motaquip from the dealers. Mine has covered @90,000 from new with little oil consumption between services.
Incidently I can recommend using the genuine (Perflux) filters having an engine that covered 210,000 in a diesel 309 before a stone went through the radiator, with the loss of coolant blew the engine.
I service my 306 every 5,000 miles as according to the handbook for severe conditions. I also use the millers diesel power plus additive with no problems in 8 years.

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Post by philbert » 01 Mar 2003, 04:32

just changed the oil and filter put in mobil 1 fully synthetic the motor seems a lot better for it which is no bad thing as its done 170k miles got it done at kw*k f*t only cost 30 quid and i never got my hands dirty