306 Underseat trigger wire connector/airbag light

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306 Underseat trigger wire connector/airbag light

Post by mgoodlad » 04 Feb 2003, 17:03

1996 306 TD - airbag light flashes for a few mins then stays on. Traced it to bad connector under the driver seat which goes to the seatbelt pre-tensioner - biggish yellow (or orange) connector which you pull out if you are taking the seat out. 9 times out of 10 this is the problem I believe - happened to my mothers Saxo and the dealer replaced the connectors. On my one when you disconnect it and reconnect it fixes the problem for a few days. Has anyone every replaced the connectors? Did you just crimp on regular bullet connectors?
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306 Underseat trigger wire connector/airbag light

Post by citrofia » 04 Feb 2003, 17:29

I don't know about the UK, but in New Zealand it is illegal (and also a bit dangerous) to modify any SRS wiring or components. If you take it to the agents they will replace it with new parts that will quite possibly cause the same fault in the near future. Apparently PSA would rather sell more parts then redesign this obviously poorly designed connector.

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306 Underseat trigger wire connector/airbag light

Post by David Goddard » 20 Feb 2003, 05:10

I disconnect the battery, un-plug and use a contact cleaner spray (from Maplins). Lasts about 12 months.
I hear the same thing happens on some Ford cars - garages are know solder the wires together. All very dangerous. I wouldn't do it. The proper connectors have a device built in which shorts the wires when un-plugged to avoid accidentally applying a voltage (like a resistance meter) and exploding the tensioner / air bag. Any mod. would defeat this safety feature.