Polish the turd!!

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Polish the turd!!

Post by gjb02 » 04 Feb 2003, 03:32

Has anyone ever upgraded the dashboard clockset from the 205 1.1GL to the clockset with the tacho, water temp, etc. Found in the larger engined models. Were there any compatability issues? Are the wiring harnesses the same? Any help? Cheers

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Polish the turd!!

Post by AndyGimpy » 04 Feb 2003, 23:55

You will probably find this is not straight forward. When I worked in the dealers we always needed to know everything from the dash binnacle.i.e Make? Vdo, Jaeger etc. Ref numbers on the speedo the backing holders are different the circuit boards again different and the wiring loom for the dash also. So looks as if this would not be straight forward