205 CTI Starting + Seatbelts

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205 CTI Starting + Seatbelts

Post by DaveBoynton » 30 Jan 2003, 15:15

Hi I've got a couple of questions about my 1988 205 CTi, any help would be appreciated.
Firstly, it's got lap-belts in the back, but I have to fit kid-seats, so I will need 3 point belts. I believe that later model CTi's had 3 point belts in the back (though I'm not certain), but I can't see any obvious anchorage points for the belt top. Does anyone know where the anchorage point is on later CTIs, and if it's there on the earlier models ??
Also, the car always starts first-time, but I have to keep the revs up to around 2000 for 15 seconds or so, otherwise it just stalls straight away. The car runs well after this, and tickover is pretty steady at around 1000 rpm. I don't know how the fuel injection works, but it seems like it isn't applying any choke to keep the revs up when cold.
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205 CTI Starting + Seatbelts

Post by AndyGimpy » 30 Jan 2003, 18:42

The seatbelt question I'm sorry can not answer. But the cold start might be due to a Cold start sensor. This is situated under the distributor and is a 2 pin blue coloured switch. The switch is available from Andyspares/Gsf part number B93490 @ £11.75. For the small price this is well worth trying first, basically it tells the system to work on "choke" till warm enough. Good Luck!