Pug 406 cutting out

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Pug 406 cutting out

Post by andycharlton »

Has anyone out there had a problem similar to mine?
I have 1997 406 glx 2.0 16v (eng type XU10J4R I beleive)which is occasionally 'cutting out' - the engine then immediately restarts of its own accord.
It has been happening for over a year, various garages have reviewed the problem - one said diagnostic check showed faulty engine speed sensor, a new one was fitted. All was well for 2500 miles then problem re appeared. Another sensor was fitted but no joy. Sometimes the 'k' light comes on as the fault occurs. Sometimes the engine runs roughly afterward. It has happened during every type of running condition - hot, cold, at idle, at full throttle etc. Any Ideas ?

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Post by assael1 »

Hi ,have to ceck all vacume pipes for good conection and condition especially the pipe concted to MAP sensor.