306 DT-S foglight replacement

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306 DT-S foglight replacement

Post by will_j » 27 Jan 2003, 22:11

One of my front fogs is cracked and corroded and looks like it's about to give up its fragile hold on the rest of the car.
I think I've found a £50 replacement (Cibie) and would like to fit it myself and save on the £50 labour that the Pug dealer wants to hit me with. I've had a quick squizz in Haynes and although it gives very little detail (due to the many variants available, I'm assuming), it does mention something about taking off the whole front spoiler in some cases, as well as jacking up the front of the car etc.
Has anyone else been through this process - any tips for replacement with the minimum amount of hassle will be muchly appreciated.
1996 206 DT-S