Help with dodgy Electrics on 205

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Help with dodgy Electrics on 205

Post by jacksonr » 27 Jun 2001, 15:44

I'm having problems with the electrics in my 205, there are two problems and I beleive there related. Firstly, it keeps blowing nearside main beam filaments in the bulbs, secondly if I corner a bit firmly then all the red lights come on (Oil, temp etc) and then go off again shortly after I've straightened up. Has anybody had this problem ? If so can you help point me in the right direction ? Coz an auto electrician is going to cost a few quid <font size=4></font id=size4><font size=3></font id=size3>

Dave Burns
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Help with dodgy Electrics on 205

Post by Dave Burns » 28 Jun 2001, 04:09

Hello Jacksonr.
Check the headlight unit to see if it is loose, if it can be moved without force even a small amount in any direction it will vibrate and shake the bulb fillament to bit's.
As for your other problem, it sound's like there is insufficient oil in the sump, does this happen when you corner to the right, if so this will throw the oil in the sump to the left, away from the pump which is usually on the right, on the 205 the oil light is accompanied by the stop light, failing that something must be moving about, exactly what who know's.
Regards Dave

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Help with dodgy Electrics on 205

Post by edge1009 » 25 Jul 2001, 01:11

You could have a loose bulb or head lamp.
or a loose connection to the bulb which could cause excessive heat.your other problem if not electrical,could be oil moveing away from the pump,under low oil pressure conditions,check your oil pressure,you should have approx.2 bar @2000RPM. you could have a faulty switch on your coolant header tank.They might not be related.