Samba track control arms

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Samba track control arms

Post by 504GLD » 20 Aug 2007, 20:23

Cast your minds back...... no Talbot forum so you'll have to imagine I'm talking 104...

OK.. On my Talbot Samba I was going to swap over the track control arms. Three bolts... simple enough but how do I stop the pivot end moving to get the nut off? I cant apply presure to the top side of the pint (nut on bottom), as its a sealed unit. The other bolts, body, roll bars are a doddle!

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Post by AndersDK » 21 Aug 2007, 00:19

Isnt that kind of a universal problem on all cars with a rusty thread on the pin bolt of a universal joint 8)

Somehow you got to provide some friction between the pin bolt and its mating hole, to get off the nut.
Donno bout you, But I've years ago invested in a pressure air line source (2hp8bar24L types very cheap these days :D ) to help me out of exactly this kind of problem.

Using the impact socket driver I'd torque the nut, then clean the protruding thread and lube it. Then try again unwinding the nut with the impact driver. You just need to provide SOME friction to the pinbolt by bending out the joint to its limiting angle. The impact tool does the rest - or SHOULD do the rest :roll: :wink:

I take it you are tring to save a hard-to-source spare part ?

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Post by 504GLD » 21 Aug 2007, 18:02

No. Samba parts in general (aka Peugeot 104 / Citroen LNA) are reasonably easy to source. If it comes to it I will hack saw the end off but though there might be a more gracefull way!