406 ABS light

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406 ABS light

Post by caveman_si »

Just a quick one, my abs light has started flashing for a few minutes and then becomes a solid always on light when the car is on and running.

Low voltage can cause the ABS to go into warning mode like im geting now but are then any other causes I need to look out for?

I suspect it is low voltage as the battery is on its way out. I have had to jump start the car on a few occassion recenty as it doesnt hold a charge for more then a week or so even when using a battery charger but i just want to check other possible causes.

cheers Simon

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Post by RichardW »

Most likely a poor connection on the seat belt pre-tensioner connectors under the front seats. Look under the front edge where you will see an orange connector - plug them in and out a few times (ignition off :lol: ) and see if that puts the light out. If not then you might need to solder them together.