Juddery Wipers on 306

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Juddery Wipers on 306

Post by demag » 07 Aug 2007, 13:17

W reg 1.9d

The problem is juddery wipers when the switch is on delay/auto. Full speed constant is ok.

This problem is on the return/park stroke only. There are two purple(?) relays and the left hand one is clicking. When I swapped the relays the problem is still there. I cleaned the terminals on the connector block near the motor but no difference.

Is this the motor? I hope not it looks a right pig to get out. :( Or is it the auto circuit from the windscreen sensor? I somehow doubt the latter.

Any ideas?




Juddery Wipers on 306

Post by philhoward » 08 Aug 2007, 23:07

Sadly, sounds like a dodgy earth through the parking switch...which is most likely inside the motor itself...or is in the Lucas 14W which is the only one i know well!