405 TD Starting/ Rad fan

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405 TD Starting/ Rad fan

Post by westy » 19 Jun 2001, 19:30

When my '96 405 TD eventually starts (after 2 doses of heat cycle even in summer) there are clouds of grey smoke, which clear after a few seconds. Heater plugs are new, heat and post heat cycles are OK, and it runs fine when hot. Mileage is only 80K.
Could the injectors be the cause?
Otherwise mpg and performance is ok.
Also the radiator fans have started to come on even when the engine temp is low. Any ideas?
Many thanks for any clues.

Dave Burns
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405 TD Starting/ Rad fan

Post by Dave Burns » 20 Jun 2001, 03:56

Hi Westy
Could be one or more of several thing's, most likely is air getting in somewhere, first place to look is the leak off pipes, they harden with age and split, if not there check all fuel pipe connection's and the filter housing, to test for this get someone to prime the Injection pump by pumping the rubber bulb, give it a good few squeezes before turning the key and keep squeezing while opperating the starter, if it was air it should start easey, there are different heater plugs for turbo and non turbo engines, be sure you have fitted the right ones, using plug's Intended for naturaly aspirated engine's in a turbo can bugger up the glow plug relay, I know because I have done it, thank's to a fuel injection specialist who should have known this, they have different electrical resistance and can cause trouble even if you only replace with one wrong plug, I have never seen an injector bad enough at only 80k to cause these sort's of problem's, a bit of lumpy running after starting for a few second's may be but not bad enough to cause difficult starting.
Hope your problem is no more serious than a bit of air and that this might be of some help.