How to change 306TD battery?

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How to change 306TD battery?

Post by will_j » 06 Jan 2003, 17:41

I need to change my battery but don't have a Haynes. Is it straightforward or will I set the alarm off?
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Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 07 Jan 2003, 03:52

If its anything like a Xantia, the alarm will sound after approx. 30 seconds, if I disconect my battery I simply press the plip to arm/disarm the alarm, this resets it to normal again.
More important is having any radio codes safe before you go ahead.
Remove the Negative (-) lead first incase you hit an adjacent part of the body with the spanner while loosening the post clamp, the body is allready conected to negative so no short can occur.
On refitting, conect the Positive (+) lead first, then if you hit bodywork or other metal objects there will be no short circuit, because with the Negative still disconected a circuit does not yet exist.
Iv'e seen the end get blown off of a freshly charged battery because it was shorted when being fitted, so avoid shorting.