Three easy fixes for common problems

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Three easy fixes for common problems

Post by oilundernails » 31 Dec 2002, 05:52

I had a carb. problem which was start-up ok, but stalling away unless the throttle pumped....undrivable.There is a black box of matchbox sort of size on the side of the carb (left,looking from front)( some with an external tube)).This box has to be completely airtight,it may look ok, but check it out by taking it off,(couple of screws only),attach a suitable piece of plastic pipe to its nozzle, immerse it in water and blow.Any bubbles? These boxes crack,around the seam especially.I dont think they are that pricey but I superglued mine,about 2 years ago,still ok.I got this from a pug workshop foreman, after being in total despair ,trying out transplanted bits,swearing,bleeding,praying,leaving the keys in on Saturday night....everything.
Second miracle cure was with worse and worse gear lever action,until reverse unobtainable and urgent action required.New gearbox? New linkage? No.Check the big bolt that holds the whole linkage onto the steering box(?)Its right in the middle, near the exhaust manifold and Houdini-like arms are required,its about 20mm I think, there is one way in, to reach and tighten it(easier from left if I remember).Its a long,fine thread so can get quite a bit undone without falling off.Gear change like new for a smallish effort.
Third cure, remember my style,only one spanner and a tube of superglue so far...This is for a frightening sort of creak,coupled with a juddery cable action,worse when hot,that sounds and feels like your foot may go through the clutch at some point soonish, possibly when you're loaded up and heading off on holiday, or at least when you have your best trousers on.Anyway it's not so bad.I found a nylon bearing on the arm (that is pulled by the clutch cable,engine end) that pushes the clutch thrust bearing over,again its a bit houdini, but a SMALL squirt of wd40 restored this to silky smooth.Wd40 and clutches aren't a great combination I know,but its that gritty bearing that makes the problem.I hear quite a few that sound like it...its the only thing I ever fixed with wd40.