leaking Oil

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leaking Oil

Post by Bhav » 31 Dec 2002, 04:07

Hey! hows every1 doin?
basically i brought a 205 1.6 gti about 3 months.the head gasket was bown on it so i got that fixed which cost me a BIT! about 300pound.now another problem has come around.i have recently seen a lot of oil leaking from the bottom of the car.now i dont know where excastly where its leaking from.but i think its the driveshaft oil..luks like a big job but i need advise.i rather buy the part and do it..and i think its geting to my botton engine mount aswell..so everytime i lift off my engine the whole engine is shaking. HELP!!!
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Post by auto » 10 Jan 2003, 15:25

well my advise leave newspaper underneath vehicle see where it drops
driveshafts dont leak oil only grease clay black couloured stuff could be diff seals leaking if youve wobbley eng take off check mountins for slits or severe movement on the bright side oil could be leeking from sump plug rocky engine could be severe idle misfire hope this helps auto