605 3000cc SVi Parts Catalogue

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605 3000cc SVi Parts Catalogue

Post by gozie »

Can someone help me?
I am an owner of a 3000cc Peugeot 605SVi in Malaysia, Chassis No VF3**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff]. The car is a rarity in Malaysia and the parts are not easily available.
I used to service my car using a local Peugeot distributor/service center (Mbf Peugeot) which has now closed shop. Previously the service center was able to give me the parts number which I in turn go to Singapore to purchase my parts. It was a real pain but at least I could get my car going.
Do u know where I could obtain a parts manual and also a repair manual for my type of car.
Thank you

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Post by Benkku »

Yes indeed, there is the Peugeot Infotec.