306 Dt engine supplier & alloy wheel tips..?

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306 Dt engine supplier & alloy wheel tips..?

Post by Jakey » 24 Dec 2002, 07:07

2 things - can anyone suggest a good source of recon engines ?
My 306 Dturbo has had a big end go and having decided to fix it, it seems like a recon engine is the best option..
Can anyone suggest a good, reasonably priced supplier ?
Also the car had been used as a driving school car so the alloys had been removed. Having decided to sort the engine, I felt I should get the right wheels. I have bought some used ones which are in reasonable nick (.. it looks like the new nuts will cost almost as much from Peueot I paid for the wheels). However a couple look like they have remnants of a gasket on the mating surface. Is this normal ? If so, how do I get replacements for those that have lost it ?
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Post by JohnD » 28 Dec 2002, 01:14

For replacement engines take a look at www.cit-ren.co.uk