205 front vibration/noise

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205 front vibration/noise

Post by johnb » 24 Dec 2002, 04:17

About a year ago there was a knocking noise to the front of the car when cornering plus a 'droning' type noise which grew louder when the car reached 50mph+ (normally in 4th). The Garage said it was the drive shafts and duly changed them. The knocking disappeared but the noise continued. It sounds as if one has a Merlin engine not a 1.1 petrol. If freewheeling the noise disappears but the minute the accelerator is used it returns. In recent months the knocking noise has also returned. Are both these connected and nothing to do with the drive shafts?

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205 front vibration/noise

Post by alan s » 24 Dec 2002, 11:59

That noise almost sounds as though it's in the final drive. Has the oil level been checked?
In recent times, I've had a phobia about this since I found in 4 cars, an average of about 300 - 600 ml of oil in transmissions which were supposed to have a capacity of 2 litres. All cars were garage serviced.
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