Pug 405 rain comming in!!!!!!

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Pug 405 rain comming in!!!!!!

Post by colouredcob » 22 Dec 2002, 07:44

Any ideas as to how rain water makes its way into the footwell on the passenger side. Have changed windscreen in case it was leaking but that has not cured it.
Nothing obvious but its awful as it gets steamed up as at this time of year the heater is always on!
Any ideas please?

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Post by allmond » 22 Dec 2002, 19:43

If you have a sunroof, do a search on that, including Citroen Forums (Fora?) as well. If that fails, look for postings made by me. Sunroof is always a very good starting point if you read my posts.
Good luck

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Post by franco_cov » 23 Dec 2002, 05:34

I had a similar problem, I had the water really bad in the passenger footwell when it was raining and what I found was the following, which did stop it:-
Firstly under you glove compartment you will need to remove the cover to expose the round circular motor and in the middle you will find a form of a hole ??? I found that the water was coming through there, so when lifting your bonnet up on the right near the battery directly beneath the windscreen you will probably see some sort of filter, on mine the water was going straight through there and when i removed this filter there was nothing behjind it and the water was pouring down this hole in to the motor beneath the glove compartment and going onto the floor of the footwell. Aparently there should hve been some sort of cover but mine either was defective or never had one, so what I did was get an old type inatube (push bike) cut it down the middle and then cut to size and place it over the filter this will then become a waterproof seal nd the water will simply run away as normal and you should hopefully notice the leak stop!!! that is if you find you have the same problem...
Please let me know if this has worked for you too, and please dont hesitate to ask any further questions and I will try and help s much as possible, as I know it is very frustrating looking for a problem you dont know what you are looking for.
Incidently I have a leaking boot and is driving me mad as I have replaced the lights and seals etc.. but still leaking, so I have a litle water problem of my own at present.
Hope this advice helps
Francis.<img src=icon_smile_blush.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Post by colouredcob » 23 Dec 2002, 22:15

Thanks Jamie but alas no sunroof to blame!
Francis you star!!!! I am gonna give your suggestion a go. I must admit it could be the problem as once after half parking on the road and half on the path I drove it, and did a right hand turn the water cascaded in through the plastic hole thing you mentioned like niagra falls. (luckily no passengers feet to soak at the time) but it did give me quite a fright!
Husband is a mechanic of nearly 30 years and I have driven him batty as it never happens to him and even with a good dousing (1 hour last time)with the hose pipe it wont do it for him!
Guess my pug is a mummys girl and wont perform for the fellers!!!!!
Many thanks to you both again.
Best wishes and happy christmas to you all.
PS now water in the boot I suffer also but I think mine is condensation. Will ask hubby for any ideas. Mind you he may just go and slit his wrists if I ask about another water leak. Lol.

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Post by paddy » 10 Jan 2003, 18:39

If it is rainwater coming in, the other common fault is the passenger door speaker pod. Rain drains off the bottom edge of the window ( inside the door ) and drips onto the speaker housing, which deposits it onto the door sill and then onto the floor, depending on the inclination the car is parked at. Resolution is to fit plastic sheet over the pod inside the door - make sure it goes all the way down to the bottom of the door.
If it is coolent coming in ( greasy feel to it ), the main culprit is going to be the cabin heater matrix seals. These get brittle with age and start leaking. Replacements are 68p each, but getting them in is a bit of a contortion - the clamp screw must be undone from the side and can be quite corroded.

Blagarse Yank
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Post by Blagarse Yank » 11 Jan 2003, 17:28

I suffer the same problem in the footwell weith my 306-and I'm going to have a look to see if it is caused by the same type of thing-although I'm suspicious of the door rubber.
When I was the car I get inches of water in the passenger footwell-like two litres or so.
The nearside rear light cluster was also full of water when i bought the car-I drained it all out and gave it a good clean up, waxed the bodywork around the light fitting, cleaned all the rubber around the unit and screwed it back in T I G H T !
Seems to have cured the problem.
Maybe they don't get as much rain in France??