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Post by auto » 20 Dec 2002, 04:30

405 help req
can anyone tell me why when i switch off ign at normal temp i hear a click and cooling fan comes on for maybe over 10 mins is this normal
also any tips on removing a v tight sump plug

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Post by franco_cov » 20 Dec 2002, 05:48

Hi there,
Well sometimes the fans will kick in after you have switched off the engine apparently this is normal providing however the engine is quite hot, if the engine is cold and is doing this then yes I think you have a problem. if you do have a problem you will probably have to check out the Bitron sensor (if you have air con) or the sensor which is screwed into the radiator (standing in front of the car, on your right) Now I have just solved a problem with my fans I could not get them to stop whilst the engine was running but as soon as I turned off the engine they stopped. but at the sme time I had my temp gauge stop working my airbag warning light come on and my interior light delay messed up, and all of this was because on the front of the car you have 2 fans (well i have the turbo diesel GTD with aircon) so you may not have 2 ? and if you removed the front grille with the lion on you will see your 2 fans (if you have them) as on mine you will see what i would call little bags 3 in total 1 on the far left 1 in the middle of the fans and then 1 on the far right, these control the speeds of the fans etc, well my middle one was jammed with crap which caused all the other faults as mentioned above which as you can see had nothing to do with fans, but thats the way they make the peugeot they share each others relays which causes all sorts of nightmare if you get an electrical problem.. But to the point if every time you switch your engine off it does this then i suggest that whilst the engine is running remove the lead from the sensor that applies to you either bitron or one on the radiator then switch of engine, if it still has the fans start then its not your sensors however if it does stop the fans coming in then i would say its the sensors at fault. However you will need to do the same thing a couple of times to ensure you are stopping the fans and that they are not stopping themselves naturally, i suggest doing the same distance driving and then monitor the fans..... Is a case of elimintion i am afraid but you will sort it out in the end, hope this helps, keep me informed, and if you have not done so already i would get yourself a haynes manual for your model of car as it really can save you pounds on garage bills as somethings you can do yourself as mentioned above. Let me know how you get on.
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