406 2.1 TDi - Fault 165 - lossy power & knocking

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406 2.1 TDi - Fault 165 - lossy power & knocking

Post by achoo » 17 Dec 2002, 19:16

Dear forum members
I've just had my 406 (R - '97) tested by the garage from where I recently purchased it. The car has twice exhibited an alarming symptom of power-loss between 1,500 & 2,500 rev's in all gears - 1st gear usually not as bad as other gears. This is accompanied by a very metallic knocking sound (much louder than a tapping sound) during those rev' ranges. Although the symptoms are not currently manifesting themselves, the garage inspected the car today & have reported a fault code 165 & they were consulting "technical" and have yet to contact me. When we purchased the car, we had to return it within a week as it was leaking diesel - apparently a loose clip on a pipe. We had it serviced shortly afterward & the mechanic (from another place) stated that he'd changed the fuel filter as it originally had the wrong type fitted (according to him - a former Citroen mechanic).
Can anyone shed any light on our problem, please?
Thanks in anticipation