205 dashboard bulbs

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205 dashboard bulbs

Post by maxfox44 » 15 Dec 2002, 15:40

Anyone know where I can get some bulbs for the dashboard, other than a scappy or the main dealers? The main dealer is not in a easy place to visit during rush hour

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205 dashboard bulbs

Post by B_Draper » 15 Dec 2002, 18:05

Halfords perhaps or maybe a local light bulb specialist shop?
Check your owners manual which might give you the bulb type required - if not, then the light bulb guide in halfords will.

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205 dashboard bulbs

Post by noncat » 15 Dec 2002, 18:43

I am sure these are the same bulbs (1.2w 12 volt in black plastic holders) used in 306.
Halfords do not stock them.