P. 605 TD PIPE Location??? Pleeze!

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P. 605 TD PIPE Location??? Pleeze!

Post by mg46783 » 14 Dec 2002, 07:10

Anyone who drives a Pg 605 TD ( 2.1 ) fancy having a look under their bonnet for me??
Ive recently rebuilt the engine and there is one pipe I cannot remember where it goes!!!!
Presently it is running along the top of the radiator - it comes from under the o/s front wing somehere.....heads along the top of the rad, it has a 3 way "t" piece on it, with one blanked off.....and then it left dangling on the n/s of the car...near the rad. The fact that it runs along the rad, could be irrelevant. Its long enough to run up the o/s of the inner wing and finish up round the bulkhead area!!!! The pipe itself is rubber.....very small/thin and small bore. The same size as petrol vacuum hose or if you like , the diesel spill -off tubing. I call it a "pipe" - it is more of a rubber "tube" !
Everything appears to be working correctly - including the turbo! (yes, thought of that ! ).......So.....if anyone can help, Id appreciate it..... Thank you.
( right.... if its anything like my 405 questions... I wont get any replies! )