205 Heater Control

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205 Heater Control

Post by DaveBoynton » 09 Dec 2002, 15:35

I recently bought a 205 CTi, and the heater control ain't doing what it should (I wasn't too bothered before, but is f***ing freezing now!). The dial which directs the heater to screen/feet/dash vents will not go around as far as the dash vents setting. The control goes round 3/4 of the way OK, then it feels like its stretching a spring or something for the last bit. Although I can turn it the full way, the dash vents still don't work even if the control is held in position, and the selector just springs back when it is released. I found a few screws in the coin-drawer, so its fair to assume that someone has had the dash off at some point. The screen and feet setting still work OK.
Does anyone know how the selector works, and how much of the dash I'll have to remove to find the cause? I don't fancy taking the whole lot off unless I have to.
Dave B.

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205 Heater Control

Post by AndyGimpy » 13 Dec 2002, 21:28

This is not a nice job, the mechanism is cable operated. From what you say someone has been playing. If the stars are shining on you it may be one of the cables have sliped from its fixing restricting the operation. Or as you say it could be the fascia panel assembly. Which ever you will need to identify the brand type fitted if you need to replace, i.e Valeo, Thermiqu or Behr. This you can only find out when you can actually get to the unit after most of the center dash is removed. Good luck and mind the knuckles.