pug 605 abs

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pug 605 abs

Post by alija »

Still having problem with the Abs on this car change all that I can, anyone that can give advice is more than welcome,was going to sell the car as it is but it owes me to much, now!. if hari reads this, i'm seriously thinking of puting servo on like you said, keep you all informed, Jay
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Post by hariaran »

hi alija,
what model is your 605 - 2liter or 3? the 2 liter model i drive doesn't have a servo or master pump unlike the 3 liter. my model comes with a modulator instead. there are two relays for the abs (bendix), one is the safety relay located on the left side of the modulator (the modulator itself is on the right side of the fire wall). while the other relay is on the abs pump located behind the front right wheel (pasenger side). a diagnostic on the abs system will tell you if it is a relay problem. you can buy the relays seperately. as for the color codes for the wires, sorry can't help much there.
btw, are there any indications on your dash saying that your abs has failed? normally all the lights related to the abs and brakes come on - indicating failure.
hope this is of some help.

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Post by lloydis »

Hi there,my brakes have been seizing after driving roughly 40 miles.After the engine has cooled down i can drive it again.Do you have any idea what the problem could be?[?]