Bottom Rad Hose for 205 1.9 Gti

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Bottom Rad Hose for 205 1.9 Gti

Post by Natasha » 06 Dec 2002, 15:24

I've just been on the phone to GS&F Heathrow and they do not stock this part!! Any ideas where I can get it from as I had to hack mine off last night, and obviously really need to replace it!!
Any help supplied much appreciated.

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Post by Natasha » 06 Dec 2002, 15:37

Just spoken to a dealer and I'd have to order one as they are not stocked. No idea how long that might take!!
So much for me getting this sorted tomorrow. At this rate I'll have to make one!
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Post by StuartR » 06 Dec 2002, 23:52

Hi there, if your desperate Halfords (probably others too) sell universal hoses. If you took your origonal one they could match it up. Not origonal but I bet it would last long enough, gti's are getting old now so probable out life the car now.
just a thought, Halfords are probably closed now though!

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Post by JohnD » 07 Dec 2002, 00:55

Use two lengths of convoluted hose from Halfords and cut them to size. If I remember rightly the engine diameter is slightly larger than the rad outlet.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 07 Dec 2002, 17:20

Check the rad connection isn't the modern plug in and "o" ring type, if it is I don't think the Halfords hose is an option.

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Post by Natasha » 12 Dec 2002, 14:51

Eventually got the correct from another Pug dealer would be believe!
Fitted it, and it was fine for about 30 miles, when the system presurised (probably correctly for the first time in ages) and it blew my head gasket!! lol
It actually blew a hose, did a Cylinder Combustion test and yep it had gone. So now I am going to need a replacement!!