boot Seal 205

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boot Seal 205

Post by maxfox44 » 05 Dec 2002, 16:32

Anyone know where I can get a new seal for the boot on a 205?
It is one single peice that fits all the way around on the main body.

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boot Seal 205

Post by StuartR » 07 Dec 2002, 00:01

Hello, just go to a breaker yard. They'll only charge you a bit, if you can get it off in one peice that is. You'll probably need a something like a blunt chisel, those rubber seals can rip if you try and pull them off.
Thats if there stuck on at all, just thinking, is it just pushed over the metal lip. Anyway thats what I'd do.
Always a 205 in scrap yard, not cos there crap, just loads around.