1996 306 TD Fault code reader?

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1996 306 TD Fault code reader?

Post by mgoodlad » 21 Nov 2002, 15:24

Anyone know if it is possible to obtain a fault code reader for a 1996 P (old shape) 306 TD? At reasonable cost!
I posted an earlier question about my airbag warning light and the reply was to do a fault code reading.
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1996 306 TD Fault code reader?

Post by JohnD » 22 Nov 2002, 00:45

That would be something worth having. Gunsons do them for petrol models, and two or three years ago I asked them if they did them for diesels. They just didn't seem interested. Moving on to your airbag trouble. A few weeks ago the airbag light on our Saxo started to stay on. I found the wife's umbrella rolling about under the driver's seat. Having removed it, the trouble stopped.