Radiator fan has its own will !!!!!!

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Radiator fan has its own will !!!!!!

Post by mg46783 » 19 Nov 2002, 07:25

Hi - again,
Pug 405.... Radiator fan works fine...albeit a noisy bearing.. but it does seem to have a will of its own, predominatley deciding to come on after the car has been parked up for a while and will sometimes stay on for a good 20 mins or so. When the car was parked - the fan was off ( just make that point )
I know these things are timer controlled etc and this one has the alloy looking cylindrical thing that does that behind the headlamp. I seem to recall there being an upgrade on that part some time back - cant rmember. BUT, the "comimg on " and staying on - after the cars been parked for 5-10 mins or so ---- Is this what it should do??? or not?
cheers then.......

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Radiator fan has its own will !!!!!!

Post by woodhead722 » 07 Feb 2003, 04:59

I have a 205 diesel, and the radiator top hose has a slight weep. I noticed the fan come on straight away recently on a cold start so disconnected the radiators heat switch, thinking I'm not going to listen to that and underheat, I'll check later.
However the plug was very wet round the connection pins. Any chance yours is wet too and shorting out ?