battery swap????

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wayne togher
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battery swap????

Post by wayne togher » 18 Nov 2002, 21:18

my wifes petrol car 55 ah battery is knackered,but i have a spare heavy duty 60 ah off my old diesel if i use this will it fry the electrics,anyone know the answer.
cheers wayne

donor 2019
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Post by JohnD » 19 Nov 2002, 00:56

Hi Wayne - As long as the HD battery will fit the battery shelf and clip in securely it will be OK.

wayne togher
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Post by wayne togher » 19 Nov 2002, 02:07

cheers john i was hoping someone would say that!

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 19 Nov 2002, 02:15

Yes just a higher normal working capacity battery, a 55ah battery in theory should supply 55 amps for one hour or 1 amp for 55 hours, so an extra 5 ah of capacity is just a benefit, it can't cause any harm as long as you don't short it out, because then most car batteries are actually capable of supplying between 300 and 400 screwdriver melting amps<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>