306 DTurbo

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306 DTurbo

Post by gwailo » 20 Oct 2002, 20:48

I have a 80 000miles D Turbo and it on cold starting the engine is makes a very noisy clatter for about 10secs, is this normal? Also is the fuel guage ment to be linear. I did 100miles and it hardly moved then i stoped and it went down a fraction then next day starting it up it went almost to full again. I have now done 150miles and it again on starting was below full then after a few more miles creeps down to just above 3/4. Is this normal?

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306 DTurbo

Post by JohnD » 20 Oct 2002, 21:58

Diesels do tend to be clattery on start up but if yours is noisier than it should be, it's probably due to the lack of oil in the tappets. For a start, make sure you have a good quality oil filter fitted. Some of them don't have a non=return valve in them. Most fuel gauges are not very accurate. From a brim full tank I generally cover 100 miles or so without much movement in my own gauge.