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pug 309

Post by rob_bx19rd » 18 Oct 2002, 03:20

hi all
my brother has a 309 1.3 XE. yesterday, whilst driving, he noticed the stop light was on and the temp gauge was high. today he says it's losing water, but with no visible sign of a leak except for a damp footwell (heater matrix?). since then he's told me that the coolant looks pretty cloudy, and when it's run with the rad cap off, bubbles appear. does it sound like it's pretty terminal? (considering it was only run with the stop light on for aprox. 20 seconds)
any suggestions or advice would be appreciatted
thanks in advance, rob


pug 309

Post by handman » 18 Oct 2002, 04:11

blown head gasket not a big job (if you do it your self get the cylinder head skimmed dont cut corners