Flushes - would you?

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Flushes - would you?

Post by StuartR » 11 Oct 2002, 18:04

205 1.8D 92J 125K miles
Just wondered if anyone had an opinion on flushes.
Sump flushes
On last oil change
I used a flush (Wynns-10mins of fast idle before drain) as it was first since buying car and high mileage. Didn't seem to be a problem, though did notice a metal clinking noise while flushing possibly from high up valve area,
but went after oil change.
What got me wondering is my dad asked about using one on his fiesta 1.8D ? at its last service and was told 'phew should never use those things, terrible'
Seems weird as only few months ago read in car mech. mag in there feature on the Nova
how for the first service they put the flush in 3 days before and ran the car
to make sure it did the trick.
Radiator flushes
I need to get round to changing the antifreeze and I've bought a flush (comma or similar) will probably use hose pipe too, but I've read to avoid these chemical flushes entirly.
Probably use it anyway put if anyone has any thoughts on it would be interested.

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Post by JohnD » 12 Oct 2002, 00:34

Hi Stuart - If you change the oil and filter of your engine every 6000 miles, it shouldn't be necessary to use a flushing oil. Probably the tinkling noise was caused because flushing oils are very thin. Likewise, if the coolant is changed every two years, that also shouldn't need chemical treatments. However, if your coolant is looking muddy, perhaps it would be as well to use something like Radflush.

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Post by Dave1 » 12 Oct 2002, 04:30

Whilst I was considering using fully synthetic oil recenlty I was pointed to a sight which advised a flushing oil may do more harm than good in that it may free up any clogged areas containing particles that are preventing leaks. This seemed good advice and I would suggest keeping the oil chnaged regularly as noted above. Not always the case but something to consider beofre one does it.

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Post by StuartR » 29 Nov 2002, 00:41

thanx for replies,
uncertain of true history on oil so flushed on first change (no need to do again), very uncertain of coolant changes so thats why considering it maybe a bit mucky in radiator.
as for dirt particles stopping leaks could be true, after flush, oil change used motorlube (bit like slick 50 but doesn't damage the new oil) which plastic coats hot metal surfaces. It is mainly friction reducer but also does stop leaks by collecting in little gaps. would recommend and will continue to until they give me a freebee... yer rite!

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Post by mg46783 » 01 Dec 2002, 00:36

Hi... for what its worth, I work in the motor trade for my sins, and have seen both good and bad results from using flushing agents. In fact, if you were to see a 5 ltr can of Unipart flushing agent, it says on it "For Motor Trade Use Only". The inference being, that you need to use your head before using the flushing oil. (Thats my interpretation anyhow! ) ;-)
Ive seen this topic discussed before and statements like " as for dirt particles stopping leaks could be true, " and the like , are not really so. ( No inference intended )
Its always best to know the service history of an engine before you flush it! in that , if it has been regularly looked after, oil changes etc, then flushing would not be a problem. Course, if you dont "know" the history, it can usually be assessed by its condition. ie, Ford CVH engines had terrible breathing problems. Putting a flushing agent , especially a "good" one, through such an engine with a dubious history, or in a poor condition, could well make matters worse- in that it could release hardened on gum and spread it to areas of the engine where its definatley not wanted!
That said.. some of these engines would "develop" an oil light.. the problem was usually down to a gummed up pick-up strainer in the sump. CAREFUL use of the flushing agent would sometimes effect a cure even in such dire circumstances. But, that said, the advise where a "dubious" history is concerned would be, "If in doubt - Leave it out !" That philosophy can be used widely ! ;-)
So, as for engines that are simply high mileage, flushing should not be a problem.
I have had VERY good results with flushing oils, though I do only ever use the "best".... I have done "trials" and determined that proper use can even reduce emmisions (petrol engines) by as much as 2% !! (nothing else touched!)
As for cooling systems, same cautions.
It is generally a good idea to flush. Basically as per the instructions on the tin and you won't go far wrong. In the case of cooling systems - if you suspect problems, then usually just draining water out and putting in fresh antifreeze will soon find the leaks for you! (said from experience)
I find though these days that Joe Public baulks at the use of Flusing etc. through two things, Ignorance and Cost. Ignorance because they dont realise the benefits and therefore cost, in that they see it as a waste of money. Little realising that done properley and regularly, they could well be saving themselves money!
Its not as if I , or the garages that use the product I use, are simlpy out to make profit (loadsamoney style ) from selling same. Believe me, the stuff is excellent - but the old saying applies, You get what you pay for! Yes, The good stuff - it costs a lotto! and therefore profit margins on them are pitiful. I just see it as a service! and all part of same.
So, two things remember, Brain In Gear Before Flushing Agent In Engine - and secondly, Buy the BEST! Otherwise, you may as well not bother... the cheapest can certainly be a waste of good hard earned money - and time!
Well, I have never said so much on any subject - I hope its been helpful and you got this far ! As I said, I've seen comments on this issue several times and felt it was time to add some (hopefully constructive ) comments.
Hope its been helpful!!
Cheers all,