306 Stalling

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306 Stalling

Post by AndyCapp » 11 Oct 2002, 13:42

Hi Guys
Having a problem with my 306 at the mo. Every now and again my car will stall this will happen for about half a day then it will go away for a while. Stalling will happen when stopping for any reason ie roundabout. I've taken it to a local garage who i know well they cleaned the idle jet and said they couldn't find anything else wrong. Any ideas ?

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306 Stalling

Post by nigestar » 22 Oct 2002, 20:57

i am new to this site
i have owned my 97 xsi for nearly 6 years and am experiencing stalling problems when car is unused for sometime/ days...
current problem is that when the car isn't driven regularly, the
engine will not idle when cold and has to be revved whilst moving.
after 3 mins on the move constantly, the engine warms up engough to allow it to idle when started, but as soon as you have to stop
again e.g. at traffic lights, the engine will die. after 5 mins
left stationary idling , followed by another 5 mins with
the engine switched off, like a miracle when you restart the engine,
the car will idle and not stall! but it is not a long term solution!!!!!
peugeot dealer diagnostics suggest oxygen sensor replacment required
but this seems to be unrelated judging by other owners' experiences.
does this sound familiar and is it likely to be an ECU failure or
idle control stepper motor etc...????
esperience of pug dealers suggest that repairs will be costly. does nayone know a goo indepenedent peugeot specialist in the south east/surrey area?

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306 Stalling

Post by mg46783 » 29 Oct 2002, 07:10

Hi... If your dealer has diagnosed via an fcr test a faulty lambda/oxygen sensor - then other than poor wiring on its connectors (unlikely) I would change it. The sensor does the switching for the fuelling via the ecu and so it does seem to add up going off what you have stated. Its most unlikely that its a faulty ecu.
Go for the sensor and let us know what happens.
Cheers, Mike
Incidently, there are plenty of aftermarkey suppliers of these sensors... any good motor factors and indeed I would have thought Andyspares could help you,. . . The factors I'd be wary of, only in so far as I have found genuine OE parts for sensors to be best. ( Thats just my opinion based on experience and tell tales !)