306 maintainence

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306 maintainence

Post by gwailo »

I have just bought a 306 D Turbo and would like to ask u guys some questions..the users manual is pretty unhelpful, would really appreciate some advise..
1. what temperature is it suppose to run at on average
2. Is is a 98 - S Reg with 79000miles on the clock, - is servicing oil changes suppose to be every 10k, i notice from the service book it has been done every 5k since 50 000miles...
3. Should i be concerned about the other con-rod failures on 97/98 Turbo Diesels, has anyone got to the bottom of this issue.
4. what is the correct/recommended engine oil make/grade and filter
5. The clutch is very stiff and sometimes does not return right to the top on release..is there a fix?
6. DOes the transmission fluid every need changing and will it improve the change?
7. the radio wont receive FM , only MW/LW, what cud be wrong?
many thx

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Post by JohnD »

Welcome to the fold!
1.Your engine should run at 93C. Thermostat starts to open at 82C
2.What ever the book says, don't let it go more than 6000. My daughter's new HDI states 12500 miles - needless to say, it'll get a change at 6K.
3.There has certainly been plenty of failures reported in the R and S years. I haven't seen any real evidence of the cause. Certainly PSA don't admit to anything.
4.Any good quality semi-synth.
5.This is a common fault. A change of clutch cures it.
6.There's no recommendation for gear oil to be changed, but it's well worth doing.

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Post by kevin »

<font size=5></font id=size5><font face='Verdana'></font id='Verdana'>Although the book does not recommend a service interval for the change of transmission fluid, I usually change my gearbox oil on my 306TD every 30,000 miles with a dose of molyslip to give some assistance to the bearings.
Could the engine service intervals of 10,000miles be related to the petrol models only?