605 Auto problem

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605 Auto problem

Post by roscopervis » 01 Oct 2002, 21:13

I am trying to sell a 1994 605 2.0 8 valve for a friend. However it has a problem.
It is an automatic and I have never had an auto before so I dont know what to look for.
When trying to accelerate, if the accelerator is floored the engine just revs up to the red line but little acceleration occurs. Its like the clutch is slipping on a manual but it feels slightly different.
What is the problem and is it a big fix??

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Post by mg46783 » 08 Oct 2002, 06:41

Your problem is a known problem with these boxes..well, put it this way... I spose not everyone knows but Ive come accross it afore.
Im afraid your right - it is likely that its a "big fix" as you put it. Depends really on how long its been driven like that and therefore what damage has been done. Its likely the clutch bands are gone but they do damage inside too.....you need to take it to an auto spec. but you could be looking at several hundred quid - unless you can source a s/h one.
Let us know what happens.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 08 Oct 2002, 09:32

Mike could be right on this but I would also suggest that before you put the future of you bank account into the hands of a repairer that you check the level of the transmission fluid.
This is not just a simple matter of pulling a dipstick or removing a level plug as with a manual transmission, there is s equence of events that need to be done including having the engine running at the time. The service manual should give you the rundown on how to check it or a local garage should nearly do it while you wait. If you need more info to do it yourself, I'm sure if you post to that effect someone will oblige.
Alan S

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Post by NiSk » 08 Oct 2002, 12:49

If you have problems with slipping clutches, the ATF (oil) will probably look brown (burnt). It should be bright red in colour. Unfortunatly just changing the oil probably won't help you, it sounds like amore serious fault. I agree with Mike - let an autotrans expert look at it! (Most authorized dealers don't know more than you do about auto boxes, they also use specialists and then salt the bill before giving it to you).

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Post by mg46783 » 09 Oct 2002, 03:34

Hi folks, My apologies, I should have thought to mention the atf fluid - sorry !! I had a situation a while back whereby the car was flashing faults with the auto system -- after a lot of head scratching - turned out to be low on fluid !!!!! felt a right burk !! So, 1st things 1st ;-)
all the best with it anyhow --