Maynes Manual for 205 Diesel

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Maynes Manual for 205 Diesel

Post by raytriplej » 01 Oct 2002, 01:07

I have tried in vain to find a Haynes manual on the net for my 205 Diesel but I have only found listed one in French. If anyone has one could you please let me know where you bought it from and also tell me the ISBN number of the book so I can order it.
Ray Downey

wayne togher
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Post by wayne togher » 01 Oct 2002, 02:28

if you go to the haynes site all the info is there, but you will have to buy two manuals, one for covering the diesel engine.

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Post by raytriplej » 02 Oct 2002, 01:18

Thanks for that, I had gone to their site and found a book for the 205 diesel but in French. I don't really want to buy both a "petrol 205 manual" and the "diesel engine only manual" as i am sure that there will be a few bits and pieces missed out that only a complete manual would cover.
Cheers anyway,

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Post by JohnD » 03 Oct 2002, 00:33

Hi Ray - Having had two Pug 205D's in the family, I can tell you that if you have the Haynes Diesel Engine 1379 and the Haynes 205 Manual, you'll find everything covered. I'm not sure whether Peter Russek do one.

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Post by raytriplej » 05 Oct 2002, 05:36

Thanks for that John,
I have ordered the Peter Russek book already. I would have preferred the Haynes manual though.

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Post by jerry » 06 Oct 2002, 03:53

Hi Ray,i know you said that you only wanted one manual but for only a couple of quid you will be able to pick one up on the e-bay auction site they are listing haynes and autodata manuals at the moment.just go on the e-bay site and click on to automotive hand books and workshop manuals,for such little money they must be of some assistants.

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Post by StuartR » 11 Oct 2002, 17:17

Hi ray, why don't you try your library I was suprized how many haynes they have. You might need to ask to order it as they are often out for ages. That way you can have a good look before buy. Also try charity shops may take a few visits but in the end you'll get one for as little as a quid.
Try Lyndsey Porter(ex Haynes) Colour Manuals available at Halfords too. They cover 106,205,206,306 in one book as very similar. Worth a look at, lots more pics than haynes.