205 vibration noise

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205 vibration noise

Post by maxfox44 » 26 Sep 2002, 13:57

205GLD H reg. 134,000 miles
The car has recently started to vibrate at speeds of 40-55 mph. This reduces at faster speeds. The noise is also louder whilst taking fast left bend. On full lock left the car does knock.
I have re-greesed all the CV joints (both inner and outer). I have been told that it might be the gearbox, the driveshafts, the CV joint.
But recently, someone told me that it might be engine mounts may have failed, accounting for the vibration frequencies.
I would appreciate your comments.
Thank you

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205 vibration noise

Post by JohnD » 27 Sep 2002, 00:06

Hi Max - You could have been told correctly about the soft engine mounts. Look particularly at the bottom one. A worn CV joint would knock on full lock. They don't usually give a vibration, unless very worn.