306 GTI-6 overheating

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306 GTI-6 overheating

Post by drjordan » 25 Sep 2002, 22:20

My 306 GTI-6 has started overheating in traffic jams. Previously, with the air-con on it never got above around 80 degrees, and with it off, would hit about 90 before the cooling group switched on.
Now, I notice that the temperature almost hits the red. When this happend, there appears to be little heat available through the heater matrix (so I originally thought airlock). However, I have noted the following with the cooling group fans:
Air con OFF - no cooling group fans.
Air con ON - cooling group fans turn slowly
As temperature hits about 90, cooling group fans go to about mid speed.
With brown sensor wire from thermostat housing disconnected, cooling fans practically take off!
No problems with the air con, and water levels seem fine with no air leaks. Also car fine travelling at speed.
Ideas? I had thought of the Bitron Sensor/Control Unit (are they different???). Any guidance welcome, particularly on cost!
The car is a new shape GTI-6, registered in 1999.