309 XUD9 Overhaul

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309 XUD9 Overhaul

Post by sasmenon » 24 Sep 2002, 00:46

I am in India and I have a 309 GLD with the XUD9 engine which has run (according to the odometer) 158,000 kms. The engine pulls very well (I have beaten Ford Escort diesels etc. with it) and there seems to be not much of sluggishness. Can anyone help me by giving me information as to how many miles/kilometers does the XUD9 go on for before a major overhaul? There is some black smoke appearing on hard acceleration, but thats about it. There is no oil or soot deposit on the end of the exhaust. However, there is some smoke/vapour coming out of the engine oil dipstick hole when the engine is running and some residual smoke/vapour coming for some time after the engine is shut? Does this mean that the engine is out? I am a little concerned as this car is not anymore made in India and to top it, the XUD9 was never available in any vehicle here though the XDP series and the TUD5 are common here. Please help.
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