106 staring probelms

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106 staring probelms

Post by mikewingrave » 23 Sep 2002, 13:24

Can anyone help !!!?
I've had my 106 xnd since 1998 (and serviced, changed oil very regulary) and the problems I have starting it have got worse each winter...
All summer it will be fine but as soon as it gets remotely cold first thing in the morning it will turn over fine but never sound like it is going to fire. Depending on how cold it is, this can go on for 3 or 4 mins. Last winter I replaced the glowplugs and the battery (with a good one) and it will always start eventually.
When it is trying to start there is black smoke / stuff coming out of the exhaust, and when it does fire a huge black cloud is produced !
It will start fine all day after this, unless left for a long while on a cold day....
Any ideas anyone ? Please !

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Post by RichardW » 23 Sep 2002, 17:59

Smoke out of exhaust points to a preheating problem. You need to whip the plugs out again and check they are working properly - connect them (carefully!) across the battery and watch how they glow - red hot from the end is what should happen. Anything else and they're shot. If they're OK, check the cable from the preheat relay is in good condition, then measure the voltage it makes - you should get 12v for about 15 seconds after you switch on. Make sure that all the heavy duty connections to it are in good order. Check and clean the engine earth strap.
Other possible causes are low cranking speed (the earth check above may help this), or low compression - if you draw a blank with the electrics it's probably worth getting a compression test done. Head gasket might be another cause - does it use any water, and when running can you see bubbles rising up into the expansion tank?

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Post by spanners » 24 Sep 2002, 02:33

i would recheck the glow plugs (are they original beru glow plugs) if the plugs are ok and fuel lines are good next step is to check valve clearences if it is a 1.5D they are prone to inlet valve seat wear. if there is no gap then you will have to reshim the cam buckets.

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Post by mikewingrave » 24 Sep 2002, 21:43

Thanks for these suggestions, I've checked the plugs and they're working fine. They were new in Jan and are Beru.
It doesn't use any water but is leaking oil from somewhere around the head gasket (not much). I'll try the other checks later as I'll need some advice from a friend on these (i.e. a volt metre and some knowledge of where stuff is !!)
Thanks both for your replies... news to follow !

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Post by Michael » 30 Sep 2002, 00:52

Had 'exactly' the same problem with my 1996 escapade 1.5D, would not start on the key but would eventually start after a few minutes. Turned out to be a faulty glow plug pre heat control unit (little black box clipped to the side of the coolant expansion tank), fitted a new one and now starts first time, hope this helps.
m chapman