406 2.1 TD problem

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406 2.1 TD problem

Post by mg46783 » 09 Oct 2002, 03:21

Hiya mate..thanks for the note..Im glad it was tha ttoo.. makes me feel better ;))
As I said, most folk wouldnt even dream of it being that as it doesnt "sound" right ! The fcr tests (fault code ) doesnt always show it neither so you cant always go of that - just depends on how far "out" its gone as to whether it will trigger a code or not.
ANyhow, glad its sorted mate
all the best,,,
Mike ( ps, Ive got a head gasket to do on the 2.1 td - not looking forward to it !!! )

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406 2.1 TD problem

Post by amcjam2468 » 15 Jan 2003, 14:50

hi anthony
how easy was it to replace the water temperature thermistor
and where is it sited

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406 2.1 TD problem

Post by pug406glx » 16 Jan 2003, 17:01

Hi Allan,
it was pretty easy to replace the water thermistor. It is situated on the right hand side of the engine, from the front, screwed into the thermostat housing. It has a green electrical connector.
I had to whip off my air filter box to gain access, unplug the wires and, using a 19mm spanner, unscrew the thermistor. Points to note are; there isn't much space to wield the spanner, so unscrewing it may take some time. Also, you will lose a small amount of water (the stuff that remains in the thermostat) so be prepared and don't attempt the job after a long drive like I did and scald your arm!
It really did make a big difference to the way the car drives. It should cost under a tenner from Peugeot.
It is definitely worth having a go yourself as Peugeot dealers will charge an hours labour for a job that takes about 15minutes.