306 TD Turbocharging not working

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306 TD Turbocharging not working

Post by mgoodlad » 19 Sep 2002, 22:28

Help please!
Car is a 1996/P Peugeot 306 Spinnaker 1.9 turbodiesel - last of the old shape. Done 49,000 miles with full service history. Has the Lucas injection pump.
Was a bit sluggish I thought when I bought it last year and over the year I have fitted a Sportex performance exhaust and a K&N filtercharger.
Performance has continued to decrease, and now drives just like a normally aspriated 1.9 diesel. Overtaking is appauling and no point in staying in a gear above 3000 rpm. I had a go of my Dads Citroen Xzara with identical engine and there is no comparision - his just takes off when the turbo cuts in.
Had it into my local garage today - they agreed it wasn't functioning correctly but they couldnt find anything actually wrong with it. They ran it with the pipes off and seemed to operate okay. In normal driving you can hear the turbo whistle clearly through the big exhaust.
So is it the control mechanism?? Is there anything I can do myself or do I have to resign myself to an (expensive) trip to the Peugeot dealership??
Or could it be something totally different and we are on the wrong track???
Any help/advice most appreciated.
Michael Goodlad

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 20 Sep 2002, 05:57

I would connect a pressure gauge to the charge sensing pipe that goes to the injection pump, tee it off and run a pipe to the inside of the car, this will tell you the level of boost being generated, if any.
If there is very little or no boost pressure, the wastegate may be suspect on the turbo, if there is boost pressure the fault is likely to be with the injection pump, since its the Lucas pump its more likely unfortunately.
If you take it anywhere take it to a diesel fuel injection specialist and not a garage or main dealer, the dealer's or any other garage would have to do that anyway because of the specialist nature of the work.


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Post by mgoodlad » 21 Sep 2002, 03:57

Thanks Dave
I called a diesel injection specialist and he suggested it might be the diaphram in the injection pump.
I had a look tonight myself and that pressure sensing pipe coming from the intercooler to the pump had a split in it....right at the top at the back - can nearly get my finger in it. Revved the engine and can feel the air coming out the hole. So the injection pump not being told to pump extra fuel in. Not impressed the local garage did not find it.
Taped it up with duck tape and went for a drive - much improved...not sure if its fully fixed yet though - still think my dads Xantia has more power - but been commuting in an old but fast BMW 325i so I find it difficult to gauge the power from the 306. Still seems slowish.
Will get a new pipe and fit it. Three more questions if I may:
1. There was a light covering of oil behind where the split pipe was - I noticed it when I got the car but couldn't figure out where it was coming from - seems to be coming out of the damaged pipe - is this bad?? Surely no oil should be blowing out of the intercooler... It is not a huge quantity but has built up over the last year or so. There was nothing noticable on my finger when I revved.
2. Still think may not be properly performing...would you agree probably still worth getting the diesel injection specialist to look over the car?
3. Finally, is it possible to "tune up" the Lucas pump to give more power than factory spec - if so is it a good idea?
Thanks for your help

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Post by mgoodlad » 25 Sep 2002, 18:09

All fixed!!
Power when driving is transformed. Before the car was struggling to get up hills - now can just power up them. Now the K&N filter and performance exhaust getting a proper chance to make a difference.
Booked it into a diesel fuel injection specialist in Aberdeen - they replaced the charge sensing pipe, checked the fuel injection pump working okay, then at my request increased the fuelling. Smoke test before the increase was 0.57 m-1 (limit 3.0 m-1), and after was 1.75 m-1.
Charge was 1.5 hours labour and the pipe = £50 + VAT. Garage was Airylea Motors, Menzies Road, Aberdeen
Thanks for the assistance