Vibrating 205@ 65-75mph

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Vibrating 205@ 65-75mph

Post by fred119 »

Hello, to you all this is my first post on this site as I've only just found you and the content seems very informed and practical.
My ageing 205 1.8 non turbo Style, has just started Vibrating/Throbing(not yet quite a knock) when I ask it to pull or work harder when running on the motorway,ie when I overtake or make it climb an incline.
The problem stops as soon as I ease off the power,and drive very gently or the engine is on overrun.
It appears to be coming from the front offside drive shaft, and sounds like but does not as feel bad as wheel out of balance, and I cannot feel it as much as you would expect with a wheel problem.
It is related to road speed not engine revs, and happens only when the car is warm after about 25 miles.
I have done the obvious,and had the wheels rebalanced which was a small help but not great,and the CV's and wheel bearings seem no noisier than when I changed the discs about 3 months ago, and the gearbox still has plenty of oil.
The Haynes manual seems to suggest, the inner CV could be the problem, but I am not so sure as it feels OK to me, I wonder if it could be the bearing on the drive shaft extention which is in a casting on the block?
If you have had a similar problem, your comments before I change the whole drive shaft would be appreciated.
I use the old beast to migrate from work twice a week in the Midlands
and having to stay in the slow lane on the M6 & M5 with those trucks that don't get any smaller is getting more chilling each trip.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns »

Even though you have said its road speed related I'm a bit inclined to think it could be engine speed related.
Have you tried using a lower gear to determine this, if not then drive along in fourth gear and if its engine related the symptoms should be apparent at a lower speed.
Also can you feel anything through the gear lever when it occurs.

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Post by maxfox44 »

I've got another 205GLD.
I makes a vibration type noise mainly whilst taking fast left bends, ie on a motorway. This usually eases off once straight.
My local mechanic, thinks the problem is a stuffed gearbox.

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Post by NiSk »

Hi Fred,
Does the gear lever vibrate dramatically at the same time as the other vibes? = inner driveshaft joint.

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Post by fred119 »

Ta for your replies Dave & Nisk.
The vibration still occurs in 4th gear, and sounds feels the same so I don't think its related to engine revs, the gear stick does not vibrate abnormally, and you can't feel the vibration through it.
Sorry for the late response been working in the wilds of the midlands and dodging the trucks on the M6.
A guy at my local said try just touching the brakes when its happening, but what this will prove i'm not sure?
Regards Fred

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Post by ashman »

Try the usual in eliminating the driveshaft theory. Find a nice big carpark, stick the car on full righthand lock and drive around in circles at speed. If the shaft is at fault it will knock like hell but if it doesn't then try it again in the opposite direction just to make sure it isn't the lefthand one.

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Post by lindsay »

hello i have a petrol 205 and have had the same problem for ages its the drive shaft bearings at the engine end of the shafts my car made a noise when moving with clutch in and when reversing a garage will charge 200+ to fix the bearings but only about 100-150 to fit a recon gearbox im having the gearbox and fitting it my self hope this helps, also vibration on 205's is often caused by worn steering rack at high speeds and worn bushes on each end of the steering arms.