New cam belt.

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New cam belt.

Post by logos » 20 Aug 2002, 01:01

I just had a new cam belt fitted (today) to my 306 turbo diesel. It does not seem to be accelerating as it should. Is this something that might be expected just after fitting or has the mechanic not adjusted something correctly?

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Post by ukmobileman » 20 Aug 2002, 02:59

you really should not notice any difference in the way it drives if you can something is wrong with it. but it will probally be something as simple as a turbo air feed pipe that has been displaced your mechanic should be more than happy to recheck pipes etc for you.
if you have other problems i.e bad starting and knocking noises your belt timing could be wrong - get it all checked out as soon as possible
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Post by Dave Burns » 20 Aug 2002, 03:48

A timing error would cause the engine to start badly, run rough and with a different sound, but you don't sound too alarmed about it so I would agree with GJ, check that there is a small rubber pipe going from the intercooler to the top of the injection pump, if that's missing or disconnected the engine wont be getting any boost fuel as the turbo spins up.