205 Diesel problem

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205 Diesel problem

Post by dowdy » 19 Aug 2002, 19:25

I have a 1990 205 diesel with 114K miles.
There is a "strange" problem that has started to happen. Its a bit hard to explain but I will do my best.
Sometimes after starting the car the revs seem to increase without me touching the accelerator for maybe 20 seconds or so and then come back to normal.
Also at varios times when driving the engine seems to struggle for power for perhaps 2-5 seconds under all types of driving. I am by no means knowlegeable about engines but to mee it feels though the fuel line is blocked for an instant because when the power comes back on the revs/power seem to be more than they were before the stutter. I have tried a couple of bottles of injector cleaning fluid but it does not seem to make any diference.
One other thing there is an indicator light on the dashboard which sometimes comes on that looks as though it is the fuel filter. I have had a look to see if there was any way to bleed this, thinking that it could be full of water??? (well it seemed logical!!)
Does anybody have any thoughts as to what the problem might be?
If I have not explained it very well then please let me know and I will try harder.
Thank you

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205 Diesel problem

Post by JohnD » 20 Aug 2002, 00:56

Hi Dowdy - My guess would be that you have water in your fuel filter. Some, but not all 205's have an indicator light showing when this happens. At the bottom of the filter housing there is a drain screw to drain off any water, but since the easiest way to get to it is to remove the unit, it would probably be best to change the filter at the same time.

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205 Diesel problem

Post by Dave Burns » 20 Aug 2002, 03:36

You car will probably have a Lucas Rotodiesel injection pump, these pump's rely on the fact that liquid's can't be compressed, and use the diesel they are pumping to transfer operational forces within the pump.
If air get's in this can play havoc with the hydraulic working's of the these pump's.
It can suddenly cause the engine to rev hard up to 2000 rmp for a few secconds, the worst cases have been turbo engines and have been known to rev higher and for much longer.
Check for air getting in and diesel getting out along the pipe runs, also the rubber leakoff pipe's between the injector's and the blanking cap on the last injector, these can all perrish, harden with heat and split letting air in overnight.
The 205D that I had started leaking fuel from a corroded metal pipe under the car, seem to remember it being made of aluminium.